Case: Talenom Simple Palkat

Financial Management Service

Talenom valitsi toteuttamaan palkanlaskennan Talenom Onlineen. Palkkoihin liittyvät tilitykset ja ilmoitukset sekä kirjanpitoviennit tapahtuvat automaattisesti. Integraatioprojekti oli nopea, eikä vaatinut isoja investointeja.

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Holvi, Digital Banking for Entrepreneurs

The built-in business apps like paperless bookkeeping, invoicing and salary payment will help you to focus on your business. Salaxy powered salary payment is integrated to Holvi services.
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Salaxy Slush Nordea Siirto von Koskull

Nordea Siirto Mobile App

Nordea Siirto mobile app offers real-time money transfer to consumers. With integrated salary payment, household salaries can be paid on mobile and money is transfered in real time!
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Accounting Company

Lemon Tree Lemonaid

Lemonaid offers easy-to-use invoicing and receipt management on web and mobile. Lemon Tree wanted also to offer their small business customers a salary payment.
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Taimer Sales CRM and Project Mngt

Taimer is a sales CRM, project management and invoicing tool for SMEs. Salaxy-powered salary payment service is to easy to integrate to existing services and boosts small businesses offering. Customer companies can track project work hours, invoice projects and pay employer salaries directly in the service. This helps entrepreneurs to run their business more
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App Owners

Treamer App Integration

Salaxy platform provides all the employment related services and transactions needed to implement the purchasing of tasks.
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Job Portals
Sumpli App

Sumpli: Work the way you want

The smarter way to recruit and hire full time staff and professional extras. Employee works whenever she or he wants and gets paid instantly.
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