Holvi and Salaxy Cooperate in Salary Payments

Holvi and Salaxy salary payment operator started cooperation. Small business owners can now pay salaries directly from their Holvi account.

Holvi Introduces Salary Payments

Holvi is an online business current account for small businesses that offers all the tools for entrepreneur to manage his business finances effectively. Holvi integrated salary payment functionality utilising Salaxy open APIs and services. Salary payment is now a seamless part of Holvi user experience. Everything is paid with just one Holvi payment, and all the compulsory costs related to the salary payment are automatically handled by Salaxy.

Employee is automatically notified via email when salary is paid. Employee can login to the service with his or hers online bank codes and download the payslip. Employer receives automatically monthly reports for accounting. All the reports and payments to authorities are handled automatically. No need to stress about pension payments or withholding taxes!

“Holvi introduces salary payment to help small business owners to manage financial admin tasks as easy as possible. Everything related to the salary is handled automatically with just one payment. This is what digitalization concretely means for an entrepreneur – helps him to focus on business!”, says Antti-Jussi Suominen, CEO of Holvi.

Salaxy Provides the Full Service

Salaxy salary payment operator provides Holvi all the needed APIs and services to implement salary payment functionality.

Any internet service can tailor salary payment user experience according to the needs of their customer use case. Salaxy offers also ready-made UI components that can be integrated directly into the user interface of the service. Also all the transactions and reporting can implemented utilising the Salaxy platform services.

Holvi customer is a small business owner, an entrepreneur. Holvi has integrated the salary payment seamlessly to their web and mobile user experience. Paying salaries for your company does not require any previous knowledge of salary payment process and it is fast to use also on the go.

Salaxy handles all the reporting, transactions and payments in the background. The service using Salaxy only needs to call the APIs. Salaxy handles the bureaucracy related to the salaries paid. In Finland, Tax Authority (Verohallinto) receives withholding tax and employer social security payments and reports, pensions payments and reports are sent to pension fund (TyEL) and unemployment payments and reports (TVR) are handled automatically. Employee receives notification of salary payment and the net salary is paid to his or her bank account.

“Holvi is an innovative pioneer of digital services for small business owners. We are happy to be able to help them to offer new functionalities to their customers!”, says Jukka Kiiskinen CEO of Salaxy.

Salaxy for Developers

Salaxy offers developers open APIs that can be utilised to integrate salary payment functionalities and transactions into any internet service. API and service descriptions and examples can be found from our developer site:

Salaxy Developer Site