Salaxy: The First Salary Payment Operator in the World!

Employment laws and policies are from the last century. They are from the industrial age when computers didn’t even exist!

Now we are moving to the era of digital economy with the speed of light. In this change, the main problem is that the whole employment system was made to serve old industrial needs on ”1970s”. And most of all, those regulations and processes of employment are dictated by law. This is one of the biggest reasons why you can’t buy work in a similar way as we buy products today from Amazon, Zalando or Alibaba for example.

The good news is that Finland and the rest of the world is full of undone work. But how are we getting all that work done? Our mission is that whoever can be an employer or employee, at any time, via any service, and this is the reason why are working hard right now.

Why new salary payment operator is needed?

Salaxy is the first salary payment operator in the world. Salaxy enables the integration of salary payments and employment to any Internet service. It is a modern, cloud based service built on truly open interfaces (APIs). With the help of Salaxy, banks, media houses, job portals and match making services can pay salaries as a part of their own service.

A good example of this is our partner, “a tinder of work” for young people. Thanks to Salaxy, Treamer team has been able to focus on serving their target group by building an amazing match making service instead of getting lost in the bureaucracy of salary payments.

What does Salaxy provide?

All the processes of salary payments and employment are managed by Salaxy automatically. For example, when someone pays salary by credit card payment in Treamer, employee gets her salary immediately. On the background, Salaxy manages withholding taxes, social benefits, pensions, insurances, unemployment payments. In addition to all payments, Salaxy manages also all notifications to corresponding organizations. All this is available through one single and simple API.

In addition to API, technology and processes, Salaxy offers full customer service both to Salaxy partners and consumers using the service. During the several years being in this business, we have noticed that users make mistakes in calculations or in paid amounts and it is really important to fix these cases on the fly. For Salaxy partners all documentation, support and training are offered as well.

Last but not least, using Salaxy is really cost-efficient solution for all. Streamlined processes, high automation, easy integration and the best customer service makes Salaxy an appealing opportunity to all our partners.

Salaxy is the enabler of work on digital era: it enables that an employee gets always a legal salary of job done! Work is what Finland needs most urgent and when Salaxy gets successful, we all will be winners, you and me, the whole society!


Jukka Kiiskinen, CEO & Co-founder /