What Is Salaxy API?

Our Salaxy API is your gateway to easy salary payment integrated to your web site, mobile app or Internal process (ERP, HR etc.). It provides you the services for salary calculation, employee data management, taxcards, products and settings including insurances, employment contracts, reporting, onboarding – everything you need.

On top of the API we have two sets of user interface components: Angular 1.5 / Bootstrap for easy and simple development and Angular 5 / Ionic for modern mobile-first UX. We also have libraries for other JavaScript frameworks and e.g. .Net servers.

The first version of our API was release to our partners in 2015. Ever since, we have been working hard in developing new features, UI components, documentation and best practice guidelines. We have dozens of services running on top of our API. Also, our own Palkkaus.fi web site runs on top of our own API’s and our UI componenets. We use no hidden services, so you can implement the exact same functionality. If you want, we can even throw you the source code for our own site.

I can say with confidence that Salaxy API is by far the best Open API for Salary calculation and payments!

Please contact me directly to hear more,
Olli Perttilä / CTO
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Our Platform

Salaxy platform is designed for 3rd party developers and offers a ready-made packege to integrate payroll features and salary payments to your internet service.

You can integrate platform features to your own UI and your service user flow will be as smooth as possible. We will do all the work related to the payments and payroll bureaucracy.

Salaxy API

Salaxy Developer Trainings

We have training sessions for partner developers. Training sessions consist of the API and the service introductions and practical examples. All our documentation, example cases and material are in English.

We would like to have informal sessions and encourage participants to ask and contribute to the development.