Real-Time Salary with Automatic and Intelligent Payroll


Imagine a world in which every single human being can use their competence and earn their living!


We make real-time salary available to everyone with the most versatile and cost-efficient salary payment solution.

We Do Real-Time Salary

Our work is to calculate and pay salaries. On any given hour and second.
Cost-effectively, intelligently, and automatically.

How We Do It?

Salaxy platform is a cloud-based fully automated salary payment service with open APIs. Complex task of salary payment can be integrated easily to any Internet service. Salaxy ecosystem is open for everyone.

Our Strategy

We build the most powerful salary payment platfrom with open APIs. Our platform is used by banks, financial management solutions, staffing companies and internet services.

SMEs and corporates pay salaries via Salaxy platform services. First in Finland, then rest of Europe.

Business Opportunity

Salaries are €81 billion market in Finland. €450 billion in the Nordics.

Salaxy business model is based on transaction revenues.

Macro Trends

The way we work is changing. The concept of employment is shifting into a new, more flexible and independent era. Digitalization, robotics and AI make each day different than the last one.

Salaxy enables the new work!

Payday Is the Best Day!

Companies want cost-effective and automatic salary process. Employees want flexibility in managing their personal finance. Salary should be at your use immediately after the job is done. Nobody should be forced to take expensive short term loans. Real-time salary should be available for all of us!